What Are The Differences Between #1 and #2 pallets?

What Are The Differences Between #1 and #2 pallets?

September 28, 2020

Have you heard folks in the pallet industry taking about #1 and #2 Pallets? What does that mean to the average person?

So, pallets are often assigned a number value due to the condition they are in. Used pallets are a major industry and many businesses use them. Not every business needs brand new milled pallets to operate so a classification system was created for businesses to decide if they want that grade of pallet. Used pallets are separated into three grades. #1, #2, and #3 pallets, and this post will go over the differences between the three.

#1 Pallets are of the best grade and have no defects in their construction. Usually these pallets are still light brown in color and have not greyed out. Some people like to refer to brand new milled pallets as #1 grade, however we at Pallet Jack, LLC. make the distinction of #1 as being like new/Used and milled as being Brand new/Never Used.

#2 Pallets are a step down from #1 pallets and have been repaired at some point. Lots of used and re-manufactured pallets fall into this category. Pallets such as these have maybe had a board or two replaced, added reinforcement to stringers, or just general light damage. Although these pallets are structurally sound and fine for use, they are sometimes slightly greyed out. If your business needs a better presentation on a brand-new looking pallet, #2 pallets may not be for you.

#3 pallets are the lowest in quality of the grades are mostly unusable to most businesses. Most of the pallets rated at this grade are completely greyed out and have multiple boards missing along with irreparable damage to the stringers. These pallets are good for the wood that they are made of, the good portions of the pallet can be used to re-manufacture new ones or fix a broken board on a #2 pallet. Most of these end up being recycled into other uses.

So, there you have it the different types of pallet grades that business must choose from to ship their products on. We here at Pallet Jack, LLC. deal only with grades #1 and #2, and we send #3 grade pallets off to be recycled. If you and your business needs pallets of any kind Pallet Jack, LLC. services the Lowcountry & Coastal Empire and are ready to serve you!

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