North American Pallet Sizes

North American Pallet Sizes

October 22, 2020

What is with all the different pallet sizes? 

The world of pallet shipping products seems to be centered around the industry standard 48×40 4 way pallet. But what many do not know is that if your products are sent Less Than Truckload (LTL) that standard pallets are not always the best option for your business. There are cheaper alternatives that can be used to better suit your product and shipping needs. Thus, this post is centered around information of the different standard pallet sizes not limited to custom designed pallets. 

There are many different sizes for pallets in the United States alone. Other countries have their own sizes that they prefer as well, and it is not always the same sizes that the United States use. That along with many different industries utilizing different sizes can make for a confusing world when it comes to determining a size to use for your business. So we have created a graphic to use when deciding on what size might be best for your business. 

We at Pallet Jack offer pallets in all these sizes to better suit your business needs. If you are in the Lowcountry or Coastal Empire book a consultation with us today where we will sit and find out what best fits your needs!

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