Custom Pallet and Crate Design

Custom Pallet & Crate Design

October 12, 2020



     Does your business have heavy equipment or large product that will be shipped on a pallet or crate? Then a custom-built option may be the solution for your business. The industry standard is a 48×40 pine pallet; however, this comes with its challenges in terms of strength and size for some businesses. That is when a custom design comes into the picture. 

Most custom pallets are designed either using cad software or the Pallet Design System (PDS). Both have their advantages and disadvantages in how they perform. But it is widely accepted that the PDS software is the industry standard. This software was built and maintained by the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association, an industry giant and the largest organization of wood packaging professionals. If you would like to know more about them and how they provide knowledge in the industry research them here: This software helps professionals design a option for your business that works and is built to withstand the rigors of transportation. 

     Most inquire about the process to obtain a custom pallet or crate for their business. The process is quite simple and likely only needed to be done once by businesses. Custom designs for pallets and crates are first built on the computer to determine max loads, size constraints, and determine the amount of wood needed. The first pallets or crates are then built by hand to match the design made in the Pallet Design System. 

      Although the custom design process takes time to design, and build the end product, the result is well worth it. In the end your business gets a solution that is curated specifically for your needs and takes the worry out of shipping large products. We at Pallet Jack can provide your business this service in the Lowcountry & Coastal Empire. Book a consultation today to see your options for shipping large products. 


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